Transportation Innovation Act Economic Opportunity

This is a program from the Nebraska Department of Roads to encourage businesses to make a difference in Nebraska. The goal of the program is attract or retain jobs and private capital investment in Nebraska, to make grant funds for strategic transportation improvements, and to connect businesses to Nebraska’s multimodal transportation system. Eligible applicants include cities, counties or MPO’s. To apply, submit a letter of interest to Korey Donahoo at


Find more information at:

Civic and Community Center Financing Fund

The Civic and Community Center Financing Fund is a state of Nebraska program designed to promote quality of life in communities through the development or renovation of community and recreation centers. Community centers may be either indoors or outdoor community facilities that serve the whole community.  Municipalities are eligible to apply. In some cases, a non-profit collaborating with a municipality may be eligible. Funding is available for planning and construction of facilities that contribute to quality of life and place-making; for example, the development, rehabilitation, renovation, or rpurposing of facilities used primarily as recreation centers, community centers, auditoriums, etc. Also eligible are improvements or expansions to public parks, and the development of public spaces for community gatherings, entertainment and events.

Letters of interest are due by January 15, 2019 with full applications due February 15, 2019.

More information about the CCCFF program, including instructions on how to apply for funding, can be found on the DED website at: Or, contact Jenny B. Mason, CCCFF Coordinator, at 402-471-6280 or