The PADD Mission

To improve the economy and the standard of living, and enhance the natural and human environments in the Nebraska Panhandle.


Members of PADD commit to the success of the organization through payment of annual dues (charged per capita) and through service of an appointed representative to the PADD Board of Directors. All dues paying members are eligible for membership on the PADD board. Members get access to shared resources, expanded complimentary services, and a discounted hourly rate. 

  • Forum for regional problem solving
  • Education and trainings hosted in economic and community development and planning
  • Hosting of Social Enterprise (innovations and investment) Fund for start-up or expansion of social enterprise businesses
  • Eligibility of 11-county region for Economic Development Administration (EDA) funds
  • Dedicated staff time for regional initiatives such as the Heartland Expressway

PADD board meetings take place in Scottsbluff the second Thursday of the month at noon and are open to the public.

Panhandle Regional Development, Inc.

Panhandle Regional Development, Inc. (PRDI) is a Non-profit Development Organization (NDO) ruled by a separate board of directors than PADD. PRDI has a separate bank account which can be used by agreement to help facilitate handling of certain grant funds and other funds for regional projects. PRDI does not employ a direct staff but can contract with PADD to sufficiently manage its programs.

NDO’s are non-profit associations or corporations organized under State law to engage in community economic development activities. The non-profit enters into an agreement with a community (either local or regional) and the State to act as a sub-recipient of Community Development Block Grant Economic Development grants. If the repayment of that loan is made to the nonprofit organization and the nonprofit retains the repayments for further use, repayments are not considered program income; subsequent loans by the nonprofit entity using those funds do not have to meet any Federal requirements. The NDO would then administer the Revolving Loan Fund (RLF) resulting from those repayments in accordance with the terms of the agreement with the original grantee and the State Department of Economic Development.