If you’re interested in PADD membership, fill out the form and we will reach out to you.

PADD Benefits to the Entire Region

  • Forum for regional problem solving
  • Education and trainings hosted in economic and community development and planning
  • Hosting of Social Enterprise (innovations and investment) Fund for start-up or expansion of social enterprise businesses
  • Eligibility of 11-county region for Economic Development Administration (EDA) funds
  • Dedicated staff time for regional initiatives such as the Heartland Expressway

PADD Member Benefits

  • Voting seat on the PADD board of directors
  • Grant writing for grants which has administration dollars for PADD attached
  • Up to 8 hours staff time for writing all other grants, then $60/hour member rate (first project)
  • Edit/review of grants or plans up to 8 hours, then $60/hour member rate (first project)
  • $60/hour rate for plans/studies/grant writing for entities in member communities not under the government umbrella, no included hours
  • Access to EPA Brownfields Assessment Grant Funds (Phase I, Phase II, Asbestos & Lead Surveys)
  • Economic Development Loan Fund 2% discounted interest rate
  • Research and answers to planning, zoning, business assistance, economic development, grant questions and educational presentations at meetings by request
  • Technical assistance for strategic planning, redevelopment, economic development
  • One license per community for
  • Administration for CDBG grants without a procurement process

General Member Rates

  • Member rate for staff time of $60/hour (Non-member rate of $100/hour)
  • Income Eligibility/Hardcopy Surveys: $2.75 per survey ($3.60 per survey non-member)
  • Blight Study (depending on number of parcels and structures) = $2,000-$7,200
  • Other studies and plans by request @ $60/hour rate; contact us for an estimate
  • Comprehensive Plan
The following are general estimates for a full update of an entire comprehensive plan. Actual estimates and pricing based on scope of work and deliverables desired by community, relevance of current plan, and other factors.

  • Population Less than 500 = $8,000-$12,000
  • Population 500-2,500 = $10,000- $16,000
  • Population 2,500+ Contact PADD staff for estimates or assistance, we prefer to partner with local staff or private firms for plans in larger communities