Big Springs

Hello Big Springs community member! 

Thanks for your interest in this planning process. These documents are a part of a planning process to update the town’s plan for land use and public facilities and generate some new actions around what we’d like to see for our town’s future. We welcome your feedback and suggestions on either of these plans. Explanation of each document is provided below.

When you’ve reviewed the documents, we welcome your feedback on the following online form:

Comprehensive Plan 2022Strategic Plan Outline- Goals & Strategies 2022
What is it? This is a formal document that lays out goals for development in the town.This is more of an informal working document for volunteers to use to work together on getting things done.
What’s in it? Focuses on long-term development goals and policies, specifically what land uses are allowed where, transportation, and public facilities. Focuses on actions community members can take right away in some key areas: housing, business, recreation, and leadership & involvement
Does this document change the village code? No, but the land use plan is the basis for decision making when it comes to village codes like zoning, which is the law for what kinds of development is allowed for different areas of town. For example, if somebody wanted to change a residentially zoned property to be zoned commercial, the planning commission and village board would look at this plan to see if that change, and the potential impact it would have, was consistent with the vision for the town. No, this is just a document for working together and moving ideas forward. 
What’s the timeframe? Long-term: 10 years or moreShort-term: 1-3 years 
Who uses it? Village staff, planning commission, village board, developersVolunteers and community leaders
How can it be changed? Review from the planning commission and official action from the village boardNo formal process, volunteers and community members can change it whenever they need to 
Links to Pdf documents

Draft of Comprehensive Plan

Strategic Plan Outline